Sunday Morning Ponder

Jul272014DannyWhen at home before sunrise you will find me on the porch. It is a time to ponder.

Jul272013HairstreakOnBladeOfGrassThis morning my mind was in ponder overload. That can happen a lot as I have limited brain power to work with. When they were handing out smarts I fell in to the category of “all things in moderation”. Anyhow this kept me from heading to the fields for a walk with the dogs. The hairstreaks on dew covered blades of grass would have to wait another day for me to take their picture as I did on this date last year.

Jul272013LauraThe main point of my ponderization was what to write about on goatsass. This is difficult when the thoughts are in pinball mode. Each thought would go bouncing around here to there then I would hit it with the flipper. It would fly back up in my conscious side to side, up and down then I would lose it as it passed through the flippers. Then another would whiz up through the chute and get in to play.

Jul272013EasternTigerSwalloWhere are the large butterflies was one thought? On this date last year we went on a morning jaunt through “Land Between The Lakes” and the butterflies were everywhere. The trace road that runs the length of LBL was littered with the critters. Pretty quickly I let this thought pass through the flippers. Pesticides and genetically modified plants along with reduction in CPR land put in to production to grow corn for ethanol the culprit. Not much I can do by pondering that today.

Jul272014HummingbirdMothFlyingOverZinniaThe energy went to firing again in that gray mass in my head. This time zipping around the happenings of the last two days. A couple things that were out of my norm. A sunset wedding on the lake. Wow, one could not have asked for better weather or fantastic sunset.

Jul272014CindySunsetWeddingMay their marriage together be as splendid as the evening it began.

Jul272014CindyWeddingKissSmallNot being much of a people photographer I knew the lens I was using was bad about flaring. Don’t you know it the flare in the shot appeared as if the grooms heart was glowing with their kiss.

Jul272013HummingbirdMothOff again my mind raced to taste the nectar of my next thought. Would it be bitter or sweet? Being human my thoughts are a blend of both. One second pure the next nasty. Thank goodness we are able to control the vagaries of our thoughts if we want.

Jul272014ZinniaBloomLooking down at the Zinnias blooming at the bottom of the steps this one caught my eye. Zinnias are like thoughts they come in so many colors and shapes. As in all things age may dim them but in a way enhance their beauty.

Jul272014CosmosWithSunflowerGlowWhich shifted my thoughts to the cosmos. A favorite flower. The dictionary defines cosmos as a well ordered universe or a system of thought. Fitting for a Sunday mornings pondering don’t ya know.

Jul272014GoldenCosmosBacksideThe backside of a Golden Cosmos as beautiful as the front and side. Last night found me at a bible study. My “Little Woman” wished for me to go, it is a couples things she said.

Jul272014HummingbirdMothFeedingOnZinniaSo I went with open ears. This hummingbird moth shot at 1/3200th of a second makes me think of the wings as huge ears like my own. Open ears and closed mind is how I sat amongst a small group of Christians. Certainly I could feel the love of the folks as we held hands in a circle. A love I shared for them as well.

Jul272014SilverSpottedSkipperCloseUpThe whole of things is never perfectly clear I pondered. One should always allow room for considering others beliefs. Then add that to the mix of your own. One topic of the evening was that the bible was a manual. A manual to follow to live a good and proper life. One thought that resurfaced a few times was how we were made in God’s image. This morning I pondered why then the need for a manual? I know what is good and right. It is enough for me to attempt to do just that.

Jul272013DragonflyCloseUpPSOn this Sunday morning I cling to my beliefs as I hope you cling to yours. Love others as you Love yourself. So Be It……………….

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Birds Below Kentucky Dam Kindle Memories

Jul262014OspreyWithFishWent down to the river before sunrise. A place I feel at home. So many birds at work as I once did to catch fish to sustain themselves.

Jul262014OspreyWithFish2Osprey were never seen when I worked the river. It is a delight to watch them today.

Jul262014HopeRidingInBoatIt was great to see an old friend still working the river. Hope is his name. That is him on the right wearing and old army hat and field jacket. He is now in his eighties. A WWII veteran. Once my mentor fishing for striped bass on the rivers here.

Jul262014HopeDrivingBoatThis vision of Hope guiding a boat back up the river is one that is always with me. Many a day we spent figuring out how to catch fish. At times dragging the edges of the river bank with a grappling hook to break up the heavy snag line. The snag line left by snaggers fishing from the bank.

Or my daughter out fishing Hope and I one morning. So much for experience when an eight year old was giving the lessons.

Jul262014BlackCrownedNightHeronFlyingIt was great to see a few Black Crowned Night Heron circling the tailwaters looking for a meal.

Jul262014BlackCrownedNightHeronJuvenileFlyingThis is a juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron. The feathers of youth striped instead of white and gray. The eye not yet retaining the remarkable red eye of an adult.

Jul262014OspreyLookingDownThe osprey circle higher than the gulls and herons. In search of a larger fish to succumb to the grasp of their talons.

Jul262014BlackCrownedNightHeronFlying2It was fishing in a boat with Hope that I learned the name of the Black Crowned Night Heron. Hope may not appear that way but he was once a TV star. Hosting Kentucky Afield.

Jul262014OsperyOverheadIt is with pleasure that I look down through the years that have passed. Almost like fishing when that unseen memory gets hooked and pulled to the surface of my conscious.

Jul262014BlackCrownedNightHeronCloseUpA closer look at that memory cell and I recall a story Hope told me. Hope a great teller of jokes and stories. Hopes mother lived well in to her nineties. He spoke of telling his son that his grandmother had a boyfriend she spent time with each night. Elijah Craig was his name he told him. It so happens that Elijah Craig is a Kentucky Bourbon.

Jul262014OspreyFlyingCloseUpScreechingI suppose one should shout at the top of their lungs when they see an old and dear friend. However there are some friendships that run deep and require no rekindling. That I think is how my kinship is with my buddy Hope.

Jul262014GreatBlueHeronFlyingWithDrumThe Great Blue Heron have always shared fishing the river with me. Their populations have been sustained throughout the years by the Tennessee River. The river our friend.

Jul262014OspreyFlyingCloseUpShould you ever wander to the banks of the Tennessee River below Kentucky Dam take a close look. Allow the flow of the river to seep in to your being. Glance around at the birds, fisherman, fish jumping, cars, trucks and trains passing over the water on bridges below. Towboats coming and going downstream. A river provides so much to be thankful for.


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Jul252014GoldfinchFemaleFramedBySunflowerLeavesNot much to say today except it is Friday and I wish for you a pleasant summer weekend.

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Summer Morning Walk

Jul242014LibbyPoseIt was a glorious morning for a summer walk. I started early. Not early enough for granddog “Libby” as she stood in the road waiting for me to get going. I was lingering for the sun to come up and offer more light for photography.

Jul242014HalleLibbyWorkingFieldThere have been many mornings in my life following bird dogs in the field. What was once a purpose of training them to find game is now just a joy to be out. Gundogs my grandmother used to call them. One of grandmoms dogs a mixed breed spaniel was the best gun dog I ever followed. “Happy” was the dogs name. Many a pheasant made its last flight when the pair of us were in pursuit.

Jul242014LibbyRunningAtMeHappy would often circle a running pheasant. Then turn the bird and guide it right at me forcing it to flush. We made a good team. Memories like that pop up on morning walks adding to the pleasure.

Jul242014RabbitRunningAndReflectionInPondI often read how we should not look back. Why would we have memory cells then? This morning walking six dogs it was a fun to watch the rabbit get away.

Jul242014RabbitRunningAndReflectionInPond2Watching dogs work out scent is interesting. A sense of smell so keen I can only imagine what rambles through a dogs head. I can see the excitement when a dogs nose picks up scent.

Jul242014RabbitRunningAndReflectionInPond3The tail starts to wag and quiver. The dogs head shifting from side to side. The ears fanning the grand causing scent to rise to the expectant nostrils.

Jul242014RabbitRunningAndReflectionInPond4Some dogs can not help but yelp when striking a spot where the scent is hot.

Jul242014RabbitRunningAndReflectionInPond5Pondering the circle of life, now I root for the rabbit to escape where once my hope was to place it in the game pouch.

Jul242014FlowerGardenMoving on the dogs and I return to our gardens. I spot a young rabbit slipping through the flowers. Quickly I walk away to entice the dogs to follow. It works and the young rabbit does not become a meal for “Little Bear” our mixed breed dog that is a superb rabbit catcher.

Jul242014MorningGloryMy mind shifts to the glory of being alive. The glow of a morning glory struck by the morning sun enhances its beauty. So aptly named is this plant.

Jul242014SunflowerHeadLooking up a large sunflower head against a pure blue sky shifts my thinking once again.

Jul242014SunflowersHow wonderful it is to see the fruits of ones labor. The sunflowers seeds we planted only a short time ago so stunning to appreciate on a summer morning.

Jul242014RedSunflowersAt times I stop and give thanks. An unspoken thank you that only I can hear.

Jul242014SunflowerHead2These unspoken words of thanks offered not to a god but to my conscious with the hopes it will allow me to become a better person.

Jul242014SunflowerHeadWithBeeMy being relaxes, my contentment sustained, for time is my friend when I walk in the summer. The yearnings of youth that once drove me now only a whisper that is enough.

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In The Wildflower Garden

Jul232014BeeOnPinkCosmosWe plant a wildflower garden each year. It is relaxing to sit in the shade and watch the sunlight work its magic on the colors of the blooms.






























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