The unUnited States of America Led By Devious Donald Trump & The Calamity Congress

We now live in the unUnited States Of America. A nation divided by its leader Devious Donald Trump and the Calamity Congress.

I say devious because the dictionary describes it as “showing a skillful use of underhanded tactics to achieve goals “. If that does not describe our current president I don’t know of a more fitting word to sum him up. Our current congress can best be described as a “calamity”.

First I never felt the need for the concept of  “Make America Great Again”. It has always been great in my lifetime. Naturally there have been ups and downs that are a part of living. Divided at times by war “Vietnam”. Race riots to correct the horrors of inequality that has taken way to long to overcome from the birth of this democracy.

To my understanding the folks that created this nation were a collection of outcasts of mostly white people that came here to try to better their lives. To escape lands where there was famine, religious prosecution, dictatorship, etc. A place to better ones circumstances through hard work, yet granted choices of their own.

The mix of former nationalities, races, religions, working together to achieve a common goal of freedom made it great. Where everyone has a chance to improve the lives they left behind.

The current pandemic crisis is once again dividing us, but it has happened before in my short lifetime of sixty some years.

No, I don’t have all the answers. Yes, I understand why many folks were fooled in to voting for Devious Don. Government has grown large and cumbersome. Yes, we still have inequality trouble. Race, religion, hell the fact that women are still treated as lesser than men.

All this we will overcome I hope and feel in the long run. We must.

The unseen enemy of this virus we have seen its cousins in the past. A scar on my shoulder evidence that it can be overcome.

We must get back to work I agree. We will pay the price as we have done before in way to many wars. This virus already accumulating a death tole almost equal to the loses of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Within six months more than likely nearing the tragic loss of life from World War I.

No, I don’t buy the comparison to how many lives are lost in a year in auto accidents as was testified to congress by a gentleman yesterday. Numbers the experts all want to quote numbers. Leaving out the variables of time to go with them. We have only been in this virus fight for a few months, no where near a year.

Besides numbers are like money they so often lead to what is not important. The beauty of life is in the living, not in the keeping score.

What upsets me and causes me to write this is that our leadership is adding to the pain and dividing us once again. Where is any sense of laying partisanship aside. Not from congress or the white house. Our main source of health leadership the CDC shuffled to the background, barely heard from. What’s up with that?

In a way I must believe it is the drawing in on only thinking of ourselves. We do live in a world that is connected much more than at anytime in history. When I become consumed in only thinking of myself, I am the one that winds up loosing. The same follows for this country no doubt.

Instead of leading the fight against this virus regardless of its source it is here. We as a people should be joining with the world to defeat it as quickly as possible. But no our leadership would rather cast blame, withdrawal and only think of ourselves.

There are still good folks in government, governors leading as best as they can individually. Having to fight against naysayers that confuse temporary hardship with freedom. Comes from the current I want it now generation of me first I am thinking.

We will have the chance to try and choose better come election day. Should our current leadership allow us to make it that far as unUnited as we have become…

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11 Responses to The unUnited States of America Led By Devious Donald Trump & The Calamity Congress

  1. November is only six months away.

  2. john mann says:

    I totally agree with you. I hope we can have a fair election this November!

    • Jim says:

      John Mann,
      Most of the time my early am time is spent looking over the wonders of nature I captured the day before. Not having that time with the grandkids here I read all I can find about the current virus situation to better understand all the complexities. Still a lot unknown by the scientists. Leadership does not require knowing all either I have always understood. If people are given a straight answer they can normally deal with it. Being conned by our leader and congress all trying to gain an upperhand on power is what I find in my research. It shames me that where once another country gifted us with a statue to portray the shining light seen from a far as we welcomed others. Now lets build a damn wall. Yes, lets hope we get a fair election this November. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully next time you will find the wonder of the outdoors instead…

  3. ellen says:

    You write so well, and express your opinion so clearly. Thanks, some how it is calming to hear. I know you, nor I, nor anybody has all the answers, especially not Devious Don nor Calamity Congress. “Numbers the experts all want to quote numbers. . . numbers are like money they so often lead to what is not important. The beauty of life is in the living, not in the keeping score.” What a Sad Selfish Society we are forced to become. I can only pray that the “There are still good folks in government,. . .” will prevail. (Loving the photos of your Grands and their discoveries while at play. Many memorable moments you and their Grandma create.)

    • Jim says:

      Thank You. Glad that it did not come across as yet another rant. In many respects today’s society is selfishly sad. I will have to think on what you said about being forced to become. I can see your insight into that fact. It had not dawned on me. I do so hope the country will return to desiring allies and not creating enemies. So great that two of our grandkids were able to come. The third only turning two next month wanting to talk with the two here when they facetime, Wonderful. The grands are as lucky as I to have such a grandma for sure…

      • ellen says:

        Forced in that the restrictions about CV quarantine not only don’t leave us a choice, Restaurants/no restaurants etc. they have forced some people out of jobs because those same places can’t afford to keep much staff on hand. To my knowledge there have been ZERO actual cases of CV in our area, now, I’m close to rant. I believe we should be staying in, as a high risk individual, I’m also glad my husband has to occasion to bring it home, but I’m so sorry for a few small businesses here, personal friends, that have closed permanently, I find that selfish on the governments side. I suppose they are in the same boat as dozens across the State and will make it some how. I am really thankful that KY’s restrictions have probably saved many cases of CV from coming in. (I guess I’m just tainted with knowing Romanian restrictions, though they have been finally lifted the atrociously high FINES for being caught out with proper papers indicating permits constituted a ‘police state’ (and again in my son’s family’s area NO CONFIRMED CASES. Our country is not that and I’m proud to be an American in spite of all that is out of control at the moment.

        • Jim says:

          I see what you meant. We have had only 33 cases in our county and one death. I personally don’t know anyone that has been put out of work. Incredible somewhat to me how many have been able to continue working from home. I do feel that had we gone about business as usual the cost of lives would have been much higher. I guess for myself working over 35 different jobs in my lifetime. Having to start over and being out of work a few months at a time in those instances were tough but we always made it by tightening the belt so to speak. Don’t know of anyone that has been fined in this state but do understand that would make a huge difference in my thinking. Still proud to be an American, but shamed at how we are withdrawing from allies. Thank you for offering your insight and know that I am aware I may be wrong in my thinking as I for sure have made wrong decisions at times in my life…

  4. BJ Helton says:

    I so enjoy seeing the local birds. Wish I knew all their names. So great seeing Harper & Nolan participating in nature. Our grandchildren are the reason we have to “fight” in a different way to restore the health of our country, both physically & economically. I am afraid the virus is still mutating making is harder to find an effective vaccine. Stay healthy.

    • Jim says:

      BJ Helton,
      Many times I can’t recall the names even when I have seen them before. Right now Harper enjoys it more than Nolan but that may change as they get older. Ronan seems to love it outside. I agree my biggest concern with Trump’s efforts against nature and the environment all for big business gain bothers me most for the grandkids. I have lived my life and the effects of his changes may or may not happen fast enough to affect me. Still so much to lean about this new virus. Same to you, Stay Healthy…

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