The Power Of Positive Thinking

Since reading a book around the age of thirteen, I have always been a believer in the power of positive thinking. Thinking for myself to make myself a better person. The reason I read the book at the time is that I had read how reading the book had helped baseball players improve. The book was phsyco – cybernetics by maxwell maltz.

One reason I love to read is that it can take you to places you don’t expect to go. It can offer insight in to how others experience living. I don’t know if the book improved my batting average. It did however improve how I perceived myself.  Made me recognize that I was OK.

We have been blessed due to the coronavirus to have two of our grandchildren here every other week. That has made me forget about photography. My time much better spent trying to be a good grandfather. It has not made me forget about the state of our country. Which in not many years I will be leaving for them to spend their lifetimes.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of negativity. I felt as if I was becoming cornered. When cornered all I think about is fighting. When I have had to fight I loose all thought. I see red, and quite honestly feel little pain at the time. So I have stepped back studied what has been going on and sought answers to relieve myself of this negative way of thinking that I know is not good for me or anyone else.

I became angry over negative posts made on facebook by a friend. I asked him to stop and think. A true friendship should not be lost over disagreements, but I have to be honest and let a friend know when I think they are falling in to that trap of negativity.

It was not just my friend but many others that were mostly posting only negative and often untrue information. So I decided to remove myself from facebook which I shared with my wife. She will let me know when pics and info about distant family surface and I can view them.

Even with the grandkids here I still have wee-hours of the morning to fill with reading of my choice. If not on how to fix or build something here on the farm I fill those hours with reading about the turmoil in our country from as many viewpoints as I can find. I also fill them with reading blogs from individuals that mostly are about photography or farming.

I recently have been finding a lot of positive things from one authors website. A website I started following after reading a dog story I liked he had written many years ago. I have not been a faithful follower but check back from time to time to see how he be. A second dog story book he wrote was not too good in my opinion probably the reason. Knowing that I don’t get it right all the time I go back and enjoy the positivity of the good things he has done in helping others. Something I am not all that good at. His website is

For the first time I can recall I have talked politics with two of my brothers and my sister. We are not in agreement with our current president. We did not argue but share viewpoints. For me it is simply that I can not stand behind anyone that lies and is dishonest. That to me is dangerous for our country. Simple as that.

In one recent post from the bedlam farm blog he wrote about how it is possible that our president suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The symptoms due fit him to a T.

I am not one that likes labeling things be it a disorder or a diagnosis, a faith or a fear. Always to many variables to wrap things up nice and neat in a box. Life and living does not work that way. Renaming things, tearing down statues, that were put in place at the time as positive in nature, make me want to pull my hair out.

Kneeling instead of standing and fighting in protest makes me wince at my own thoughts. I don’t have or ever expect to have all the answers. If I seek at all I seek the beauty and freedom just outside my door. Understanding that others may not be blessed with the same.

Don’t live in the past I think, live for today. Correct injustice as we see it now in a positive manner, with positive thoughts.

Think for yourself but think for the good of others. At least stop and think positively instead of following a pack…

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7 Responses to The Power Of Positive Thinking

  1. BJ Helton says:

    Jim, thanks for the book recommendation. We all need positivity in our lives especially right now. One of the most influential books I have read is, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”, written by a Jewish rabbi after his son’s death. Really cemented my perception of God & religion. Happy Father’s Day.

  2. NH Gardener says:

    I’ve never been a follower and have really always been a bit of a loner, always wary of those who think they have all the answers. I don’t do Facebook because I simply don’t have the time, and now you’ve made me glad I don’t. I’ve heard about all the garbage that passes for “truth” there.
    I’m glad you’re getting some time to read. I also love reading and would love to play with grandchildren if I had any. You’re lucky!

    • Jim says:

      NH Gardener,
      Same here, harder to stay quiet in the woods when accompanied. A ruckus anywhere is a ruckus to me. The grandkids are a blessing for sure. I agree what I lucky man I am…

  3. ellen says:

    I use FB but sure do limit it by often using the ‘hide for 30 days’ and ‘block’ of relentless negativity. I need FB for contacts with people I do want to hear from, and about. With one son & his family in MI and the other & his family in Romania, and a daughter & her husband in KY but 3 hour drive away, FB is a God send. Even before quarantine, my ability to travel has been hampered by aging and ill health. MI only once or twice a year, Romania even less frequent. And the 3 yr. trip 2 or 3 times a year. Friends and family in the 5 different States, in which my husband and I have lived, the little bit of contact is a blessing. Why do I list why I use FB? I’m still trying to convince myself that it is worth it. So much negativity! Just plain Yuck. Thank you for being real, and for expressing your own journey with the craziness in our country. AND tampering it with the positivity of the blessing of ‘grands’ and nature’s beauty. The lone beautiful photo is uplifting and worth it’s ‘throwback’ date. And yes, you are so blessed.

    • Jim says:

      FB allows one to share connection with distant family a good thing I feel. I have no problem with anyone using FB. It is not for me is all after using it for a few years. The same applies to the need of keeping a cell phone. I used them when I worked away from home but do not own one for the last 10 or 12 years. An unneeded expense the main reason why. I like the fact that my wife and daughters have them at hand when out and about. Since my parents passed I have less compulsion to have regular contact with out of state family such as siblings. It always seemed like it is easy to pick up where we left off even if a year or more apart in time. Your welcome I try to be real, open and honest. Not ever expecting my ways to be everyone else’s. I do think I will get back to photographing regularly again. June’s explosion of color and beauty worth sharing for sure. This year I sort of am absorbing it rather that capturing it and do feel blessed…

      • ellen says:

        I sure wasn’t defending FB, it gets very annoying with it’s continuous ads and the need to block negatives. But yes perfect for family contacts. Cell phones? I had to chuckle, because so many people keep telling me to get one. I have a Trac-phone only. For emergencies when I’m on the road alone, only. I don’t even have it on to receive calls. Land-line only, it’s as portable as I need, being right here most of the time. Your observation, and not photographing, is just fine. Especially when it comes with commentary. And, I’ve saved so many of your pix through the years that I can even look back when I like.

        • Jim says:

          Did get out and about this morning for a couple hours. Checked an eagles nest. Then worked around the garden, should have took the macro lens as my daughter showed me a bug I had not seen before. With insects there are often surprises…

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