Sacrifice And Fight For What Is Right

There is an old Kristofferson song that begins.

I will fight and I will die for freedom. Up against an eagle or a bear. I’ll defend what I believe in the land of Liberty…

The time again is upon us to make the choice to do what is right even if that means to sacrifice and fight if we must.

As free people make the correct decision to do all we can against Putin and the Russian aggression to take over a free nation. Stand up beside the Ukrainian people.

Stop it now or the world may wind up being in chains another line in the song.

I am old but not to weary to stand up for what is right. How about you?

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2 Responses to Sacrifice And Fight For What Is Right

  1. jerry, the old guy with the long lens says:

    just checking up on you, it’s been along time sense I ran into or heard anything about you. hope all is well!!!

    • Administrator says:

      Doing well here. Have not been out photographing in about a year. Been busy working here on the farm. Getting stuff done I might not be able to do in a few years. Hope you are doing well…

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