Nothing New Under The Sun

If you read this understand that it is the rambling of an abusing, racist’s mind,  to mention only a few of my sins and shortcomings.

I in the past have not been a rabble rouser. Shut up and listen would be more my motto.

When I started this blog it was to keep busy and learn a couple things new. Learn to write and take pictures of things I liked. I had quit a great paying job in order to spend more time at home. Turned out that a new job was unattainable as the start of the great recession occurred. My previous job had me earning way above my educational standard. No employer wanted to hire me as I made too much previously and would not be happy they thought. I have no degrees. Not even from the school of hard knocks. I had obtained the job by means indirectly of who I knew not what I knew. Although I was fully capable of doing the job and did it well.

Being a racist is natural. A normal human reaction when confronted with those that are different. It is what we do and promote as racist’s that matter. That is an undeniable fact.

Abusing my children by a few spankings and ill timed hollering. Abusing a niece by an intended joke,  my kids present at the time,  without any forethought that she was still a kid I did not know well enough to be joking with. As far as I can tell my children and my niece have done well despite my failings.

Enough background of where I am coming from.

Growing up in the sixties surrounded by a pointless war that I ignorantly enlisted for. Race riots in the street were a common occurrence then. Shameful to say that we have gained little ground in either of those respects as a nation. A nation I was proud of at the time. Perhaps not brainwashed but having been indoctrinated in my way of understanding and believing. Pledging allegiance and all.

So here I am today. Young men still dieing in wars without even the hint of peace as the incentive. Protests and riots caused by shameful unnecessary actions. When the looting starts the shooting starts our president tweets. Back in the sixties the president declared a war on poverty. Began the job corps, medicare and medicaid. Headstart early educational programs. My history teacher said that Johnson would be remembered as a great president. Far as I can tell that has not ever been stated to date.

* At the present time the job corps is shut down temporarily due to the coronavirus. “Will it be restarted I wonder under the current administration”?

I have always been blessed with all of this turmoil having little affect on my life. The reason living in the country, never feeling an obligation to press my beliefs on others. So pretty much staying to myself taking care of my own. The only theft I have had to deal with came from those of my race who had no incentive other than to take what they could get away with. Had they asked for the items I may have given it to them.

Another thing on my mind this morning is guns. I have always had guns. Guns I always thought were tools. I never acquired a love of guns. Our forefathers placed protections of our rights to keep an bear them in our constitution. I doubt guns would play a part in overcoming governmental tyranny or taxation without representation today.

Understanding that guns kill is obvious to me as having experienced it first hand. I have fed myself with the use of a gun. Never ever feeling the need of one for protection at home. None of my children had a desire to use or own guns. I don’t think I ever forced my kids to do anything I enjoyed against their own desires. Only gave them the opportunity to partake or not. Although I would like to introduce my grandchildren to have an understanding of guns and what they can and can not do I will refrain as my children do not seem to feel the need. Even though the threat of danger to my grandchildren is perhaps more prevalent than when my kids were growing up. Knowledge overcomes ignorance.

Does it all come down to the human resistance to change? Do the suppressed feel more comfortable in that situation? Is white dominance as it should be? Can it be possible for a woman to lead this nation? Since I have always had a gun near to hand should I always have that right?

Nothing will ever keep me from wondering what is, what was, what can be, except mental illness. My thoughts usually succumb to the fact that personally I am irrelevant to the masses. Change if it ever happens will transpire in more than one lifetime. The more things change the more they stay the same. Nothing new under the sun. I shall keep trying to comprehend the world that surrounds me. Doing my part to throw water on the fire of change If I can, an out of control fire is never a good thing. The slow burn required to become a united states where folks work together to become a great society yet still a dream not realized.  I think the attempt to become one still a worthy goal …

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6 Responses to Nothing New Under The Sun

  1. Even a single vote is counted so you’ll never be irrelevant. Come November this “president” has to find out what we really think of him.

  2. ellen says:

    I’ve said before, you express yourself (and those of us whom are so baffled by everything that comes out of D.C.) so well. Thanks for speaking out about life in general too. It’s obvious how you live life honestly. My life was so different than yours. Yet, my thoughts/feelings are so much like yours. Must be something about it that is true.

    • Jim says:

      Thank You, I try to write openly and honestly. Always having felt as if my journey through life has been very fortunate. The times and country I live in the largest reason why I would say…

  3. Mandy says:

    Love you and your thoughtfulness about things, Grampy. It takes a really big person to dig so deep and honestly into who we are, what our past mistakes may be, and what our obligation is on earth moving forward.

    By the way, whatever mistakes or oversights you believe you made, as the woman lucky enough to marry one of your children, I would say you did pretty well instilling a similar thoughtfulness and sense of justice within them.

    • Jim says:

      Thank You, Many times as in this post my thoughts come out discombobulated. I learn best from my mistakes. The next post I think is much easier to follow. Not a dreamer but hope to leave this earth a better place where I have done no harm.
      I am thankful for my children. Lucky to have a woman that is the reason why they turned out fine. Love You for bringing our son a family of his own…

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