This Impeachment Trial = Our Freedom

I feel it is my duty to follow the impeachment proceedings. Time spent indoors watching television which is not a preference of mine. This particular impeachment trial in my mind directly effects the freedom which I have enjoyed through out my lifetime. Furthermore, it will relate to the freedom that my children and grandchildren would have in the future.

Unlike past impeachments in my lifetime this trial by the senate if not conducted fairly could result in future presidents having the unchallenged will to do


Which has been stated by Donald J Trump our current president that feels he has the power to do.

The partisan vote brought to the senate by the house already portrays the possibility that the senate may make a farce of the valid balance of power that has allowed me to live in a free country. Hearing the house impeachment process I can not believe that not one republican house member voted in favor of the two impeachment articles voted through by the democrats. I am a registered democrat but have always voted for whom I felt was the best candidate regardless of party.

I implore the leader of the senate, who I have voted for in the past to insure that a fair and complete trial be performed. Allow enough documents and witnesses for the truth to come out. I normally have no doubt that following the procedures set forth by the founders of our constitution that my freedoms will continue. However, as the extreme partisan direction that our elected officials seem to be following in the current proceedings it has me concerned. As my drill sergeant would scream to wake me in my younger years.

” LISTEN UP PEOPLE ” our freedom is at stake here.

I scream ” WAKE UP SENATORS ” I shall hold you responsible… *


*Note: Notice I make no threats to the senators for it shall be their freedom that is lost as well as that of their children and grandchildren…

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9 Responses to This Impeachment Trial = Our Freedom

  1. Ellen Bunnell says:

    So very well written. And your Eagle accentuates the theme. This will be a writing and truth that will live on. Well said. (I hope you have is printed, and kept, maybe framed, for your children and grandchildren.)

  2. I think the republican party is going to suffer greatly for all of this and I think it will take them years to recover. I certainly hope so!

    • Jim Johnson says:

      New Hampshire Gardener,
      That is a good possibility. From what I have heard so far from the republican senators hearing the same thing I am hearing their minds are already closed and made up. I hope so as well…

  3. john mann says:

    Jim, you are so right.

  4. Mandy says:

    Applaud your dedication for watching, Grampy. It’s impossible not to be outraged when it’s so outrageous.

  5. Jim Johnson says:

    Thank You, It does require a dedication for me, not my usual thing. I wondered why this was a desire at all. I think when I wrote this it had dawned on me what was at stake. For one the refusal to comply with congress at all is appalling to me. Hell, all of us regular folks would be looking at a jail cell. Normally I have probably mistakenly ignored to a large extent most of politics. Never felt much beyond my vote having any effect. Not smart enough to be that involved in what affects us all as a whole. Not having any parental guidance. The only thing I remember as a child was the turmoil when Kennedy was elected. The only time I recall adults talking politics at all. So it never seemed to apply to me to be involved. By the way Happy belated Birthday. I am not to good at letting family know. Thank You for stopping by…

    • Mandy says:

      I think most of us were complacent for a long time. It was easy to pat ourselves on the back and feel like we won WWII, defended and promoted democracy around the world, and so therefore we had it all figured out at home. The checks and balances indeed held for a long time. Right now is a great test of what it means to be self governing, and while many of us are failing, you are actively embracing your duty as a citizen. I am so proud of you!
      P.S. Ronan will definitely have some parental and grandparental guidance, but Kris sometimes says it might be too much!;)

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