Don’t Take A Knee, Stand Up And Be American

Stand Up For What We Know Is Right

It is time we as a people must not take a knee.

Stand tall and stand up for what we know is right.

Demand our president resign immediately.

His only chance to in his words ” Make America Great Again”.

America founded by standing up against injustice from abroad.

Now I feel we must stand up against injustice from within.

In the past I have taken a knee on the sidelines, my mistake.

Allowed partisan politics to take over our government.

Divided we take a knee and shall become oppressed.

United we can stand and be counted together an almighty force.

Taking a knee, a signal it is time to rest.

That time is not now.

Stand and go to work as one we must.

I ask for help in this job at hand.

Be you of any gender, color, or religion.

It will require more than just our voices.

Can we wait until Novembers vote.

I fear not.

Now is the time to act and stand tall.


We as Americans, the melting pot of humanity.

No virus will wipe us all out.

Be it a contagion or administration if united.


Then and only then can we take a knee.


* note: what inspired this was the thought of the action of taking a knee.

A football player’s peaceful action vs a policeman’s action of violence and death.

Which is right and which is wrong ?



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5 Responses to Don’t Take A Knee, Stand Up And Be American

  1. That cop should get life in a prison where everyone knows who he is and what he did.

  2. lynn says:

    Stand up Together for what’s Right! This should be published Jim.

    • Jim says:

      It can come down to the simple, we all know deep down the difference between right and wrong. We should without fail stand up for it. Don’t know about publishing anything that comes of the top of my head, but Thank You for the thought…

  3. BJ Helton says:


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