Baltimore Oriole At Dawn

My little woman called me to the window at dawn. A Baltimore Oriole had arrived overnight. We did not catch any orioles last year. Two years ago we had quite a few. Spent the day scrounging lumber and working on building a chicken tractor. After several years of loosing almost all the chicken flock each spring from predators. We decided to make a portable chicken pen and coop where the pen can be moved each day or every few days for the chickens to be out but can lock them up at night in a secure place. Will see how it works…

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4 Responses to Baltimore Oriole At Dawn

  1. ellen says:

    I was awed at the gamut of gorgeous colors in yesterday’s pictures and now this Oriole, WOW. Too bad about the termites, glad you can take it so calmly. Maybe the hour with all the beautiful birds compensated for the discovery of them.

    • Jim says:

      It is great to have all the color that comes with spring. Some sprouting out of the ground some flying in. True it is easier to take with the evident food supply it offered the birds…

  2. Great shot of the Oriole. I saw one hit a garage window and knock itself out once. It took it about an hour to wake up and fly off.
    Good luck with the movable coop!

    • Jim says:

      New Hampshire Gardener,
      Thank You. I have seen other birds react that way after hitting a window. I am always glad when they fly off. Rain today so unable to do anymore work on the coop, thanks again…

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